Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lace of the (Boardwalk) Empire

-HBO/Home Box Office

Once again, Cooper Lace has been selected to provide the lace curtains for the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire". It was a tall order, literally, as we rushed dozens of our longest panels overnight to the Brooklyn, New York set from our warehouses in the United States and Scotland. Among the patterns used were Victorianna,  Lucynda, Brownstone, Grecian, Regency, and Neo-Grec.  Look for them during Episode 11!

Friday, September 6, 2013

We're a Bargain!

A friend sent me the above image: it's an 1850s Illinois newspaper advertisement for lace curtains, and it proudly proclaims lace curtains priced at "$5 to $100 a pair"  I did a little research, and it seems that an 1850s dollar, with inflation, would be worth $27 today.  Thus, this firm's cheapest curtains would be $135 a pair or $62.50 a panel.  In fact, our Cottage Lace Panel starts at only $69 a pairWe don't have anything, though, that costs $2700 a pair or $1350 a panel...