Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in Massachusetts, and a Teaser

The Pasadena Craftsman Show was great for Cottage Lace; they moved us into the Pasadena Convention Center, which gave all of the vendors an equal opportunity to meet attendees, and the show's organizers doubled the number of vendors. This show is now the West Coast Arts and Crafts Show, and has truly risen in prominence. I met a lot of great folks, and spent time with my favorite colleagues.

And now, The Teaser. I displayed our newest pattern at the show as plain fabric, straight off of the Scottish looms. The response was fantastic; possibly the best I've ever received for a pattern introduction. Here's a hint: It's English Arts & Crafts, executed by the finest designer of the time, and its rendering into lace is a first for this person, as far as I can tell. Watch this space for an announcement!

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