Monday, February 21, 2011

Asheville Ex Post Facto

It was a heck of a show; crowded, enthusiastic-I feel it was the best in the past three years. The interest in our lace was fantastic; I was so busy speaking with potential clients that I never got a chance to eat lunch in three days, and if a wonderful customer of mine hadn't brought me a few candy bars at a critical moment, I would have face-planted from hunger. Aside from the frequent comments about how distinctive and beautiful our lace is, I was also heartened to know that folks appreciated that we addressed both the English and American Arts and Crafts movements. William Morris' Cherwell was a hit and visitors also loved the Bradbury & Bradbury Art Deco panels-indicating that tastes are running further into the 20th century. My next post will be about my friend Bo Sullivan of Arcalus, who joined me in the booth, and displayed a collection of historic trade catalogs, so watch this space!

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