Wednesday, April 25, 2012

William Morris Lace Curtains

 As you may know, Cooper Lace is the first and only firm to create a lace curtain using a design by William Morris. We're very proud of our Morris & Company pattern, Cherwell, for we had felt that this great designer had been ignored for far too long. What you may not know is that lace curtains are one of the most difficult objects to photograph; from inside a room, they look washed out and it's difficult to discern the pattern against the brightness of the outdoors light. 
The secret to Cooper Lace's great images is our photographer friend, Huong Phan. Huong finds the beauty in every vignette, and makes it transcend the mundane product shot.  She was so skilled photographing our Gothic Lace Curtain Panel, that when the opportunity arose to shoot inside a wonderful 1915 English Arts & Crafts house in Amherst, MA, I rang her immediately.  Here are my two favorites from the session, with all thanks and credit going to Ms. Phan.

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