Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selling Well is the Best Revenge

By nature, business blogs are self-promoting; as proprietors, we use them as tools to publicize our products, and to inform our clients about new items or how to use and care for our goods.

And then sometimes, we just have to congratulate ourselves shamelessly.

I've just been informed that Cooper's Cottage Lace, LLC is the far and away leader in Madras lace curtains for the United States; a fact that makes me incredibly proud of our company. We began with the premise that we would make our mark not as the biggest, but as the best and most interesting source for Scottish cotton lace curtain panels in North America.

I could only dream that we'd do this well, and never in four short years, and certainly not during the bleakest economic period in 80 years.

So thank you all, I am truly honored by your patronage and enthusiasm.



ps: watch this space for our newest pattern, due out very shortly!

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  1. Whereas the above is a fairly solid, medium weight cotton, I've also been impressed by Coopers Cottage Lace Curtains. While this Arts & Crafts look isn't for everyone, these curtains have an almost contemporary feel, which I like.