Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Share Your Frustration.


I am appalled at just how terrible customer service seems to be with many online companies.  I want to use much stronger language, but I'd rather not offend anyone who doesn't know me well.  Those who do know me can easily imagine the actual words currently being flung around my office.

This past week, instead of being in the position of assisting customers, I had to be one; I'm helping a design client with some major purchases for an Arts & Crafts style home spa, and have been commissioned to source materials.

My client is spending thousands of dollars, and I CAN'T GET THE COMPANIES TO CALL OR EVEN EMAIL ME!!!

Hello, certain hot tub and sauna companies: you come up high on the search engines, but you refuse respond to very basic technical questions: You're off the list.

Decorative finish company that can't seem to produce a sample? We went to your competitor.

We at Cooper Lace hear the same sort of complaints from our customers who looked elsewhere first:
They get bumped to voicemail or their emails are never returned. No one helps with measuring. There's a complete indifference to those who want to buy something!

What's so difficult about communicating with your clients?
I LOVE speaking with you!
Day or Night.
Weekday, Weekend or Holiday.

I've spent countless hours over the last 20-odd years with one spouse on the telephone and the other on a step-ladder with a tape measure.  Bring it on; I'm here for you.

Do you have a question about our lace? Call or email me NOW. The office line forwards to my cellphone in the off-hours; I shut it off when I'm sleeping.  Otherwise, we're open for business. I promise to respond to your email as soon as possible; usually within the hour (once again, unless I'm sleeping or on an airplane).

Click here for our contact information and the best customer service of any company, anywhere.

That's my promise to you, Dear Client.


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